Date: 15 May 2020
Cat: SEO, Web Design

This is a personal project by DH Websites.
We decided that during the COVID-19 pandemic that we wanted to help our local community of Christchurch, Dorset. Specifically those small, local, family run businesses that were able to remain open and help serve the community during this time whether that be delivering meals, selling food and congeries, offering essential services or virtual fitness classes.

* Dedicated website to help the community of Christchurch, Dorset during COVID-19 find local, small businesses still open, serving and delivering.
* Brand new website: Domain, Hosting, Web Design, Emails, Branding and Marketing all created from scratch.

* Separation of categories for ease of use by general public looking for options
* Add your business section – local businesses could easily submit their businesses for listing on the directory providing information and logo to list through contact form.

* Mobile Friendly Website Design
* On-Page SEO written for local search terms and popular keyword phrases
* Marketing of website to businesses to promote their services, and to general public to use to help find businesses.

View the site here;